Welcome, I am Boni Jo Thorsen the face behind Secret Garden Therapeutics. My vision is to provide a massage/spa experience that infuses nature into the treatment via glass wall panels in my treatment room, allowing the infinite energy of nature to flow into the massage setting. My vision is going to take some time , so in the interim I have set up my clinic with these principles in mind.
<>  Creating a Zen experience. 

<>  A quiet relaxing environment with nature sounds in the air and soft lighting.

<>  My love and intention of facilitating healing and balance in the body.

<>  My goal is to customize the individual session to meet the needs of you as the individual.

<>  To create a safe and magical place for your transformation.

I have always seen my self as a caregiver/healer, although shy and awkward and lacking a voice I trusted intuition and my source to guide me on my path.  Having three children in less than three years  provided lots of opportunities to care and heal and find my warrior spirit as a parent advocate.  Little did I know as I became out of balance in my own body that I would have to learn how to heal myself before being a facilitator in others healing processes.
In my mid twenties  going through a divorce , reinventing my self by building a cleaning service, a business that would allow me freedom to schedule work around my childrens schedules and still be present and available to their needs. I turned off my body to survive and cope which resulted in me burning out  my adrenal glands, developing chronic fatigue immune dysfunction, and fibromyalgia. This unwell state served as a huge catalyst for seeking out alternative therapies that I could prescribe to within a framework of being emotional and physically available to my children and myself. I essentially became my own advocate, my own physician, although not easy, I came from a perfect perspective, as I lived in my body 24/7.
As I was becoming more aware of what I needed to heal I started educating myself by reading about herbs, nutrition, endocrinology, brain chemistry, metaphysics, physiology, spirituality, dream interpretation and exploring eastern religion and medicine. I have completed 2 levels of Healing Touch and graduated from Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics . While at Alexandar I studied a variety of massage and spa  modalities ranging in swedish massage, sports injury, trigger point/myofascial release, salt glow / body polish, seaweed, bamboo and herbal wraps, aromatic back treatment and facial massage with shiatsu.  Other classes were aromatherapy, eastern philosophies, which included meditation, cupping, reflexology and reiki.. Practicing spa/massage modalities within a clinic setting while completing my intern hours in the Alexandar Clinic and Day Spa directly with clients provided a perfect backdrop for running my own business.
I welcome and embrace you with light , love and healing intention,

Boni Jo Thorsen L.M.T.

MA 60641757